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不器与器 Not the same as the other

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"A gentleman without tools"
This is what Confucius said in the Analects of Confucius.
"A gentleman should be an instrument.".
I said.
Confucius believed that a gentleman, like a utensil, should not be confined to a certain form and function, but seek the safety of a skill; But we should pursue "Tao", constantly "to conscience", and explore the truth of the world. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the information age, people are busy like ants, and turn to the pursuit of "xiaokexing Buddhism" ° Although there is nothing wrong with this, it has to arouse our vigilance: is this kind of life far away from the teachings of the sages, and are we becoming more and more simple, so that we become monotonous "tools" in the warning?
Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, read a lot of books and worked tirelessly to seek the truth of the world. Finally, he became an encyclopedia scholar. He formed his own rich philosophical system and was admired by later generations; Xu Xiake, a geographer of the Ming Dynasty in China, was a young man with the ambition of being a great man in the blue sea. He has traveled all over China for 30 years, and his travel notes of Xu Xiake is full of romance in Jiuzhou. There are numerous examples. These dazzling stars in the starry sky of mankind may never have heard of "a gentleman without tools", but they understand the beliefs and goals of people in the age. They may be living in different generations, but they all cherish the world and are willing to pursue the truth for the sake of human development. Barrels or tall buildings can't stop them. They jumped out of the limitation of "utensils" and became the gentlemen as Confucius said.
Today, we, the youth of the new era, facing the pass of the reform tide, under the guidance of the sages, should be more ambitious, dare to jump out of the comfortable safety zone, not willing to be "tools", take a long-term view, and contribute to the construction of the times. Only in this way, can we live up to Confucius' vision of youth and life a thousand years ago. A gentleman is not an instrument.
To cherish the world, we should not be limited to "utensils", but also be full of ourselves and learn from "utensils". The inclusiveness of learners and the vastness of learners“ The sea embraces all rivers. We learn the "device", which includes both external things and ourselves.
Including foreign objects requires us to be open-minded and open-minded, and to have the character of "learning tools as one". We should not only have the spirit of fearing the wind and frost, but also have the free and easy spirit of no wind and rain and no sunshine. Not afraid of the past, not forgetting the original intention. Constant self-cultivation, to provide more nourishment for self exhibition; Including ourselves requires us to strive hard, learn from rich knowledge, improve personal quality, exercise ourselves, and lay a solid foundation for accepting knowledge and dealing with foreign things.
If jade is not polished, it is not a tool. In order to shoulder the responsibility of the times and constantly improve ourselves while cherishing the world, we should learn "tools" and not be limited to "tools". Only by organically integrating our lofty ideals and personal cultivation, can we become "tools" and live up to our youth, and grow into promising new youth of building socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.
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