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透过表象寻本质 Searching for essence through representation

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During World War II, in order to strengthen the protection of fighter planes, the British and American military investigated the distribution of bullet marks on the surviving planes after the war and thought that the protection should be strengthened in the places where the fuselage was hit by more bullets. However, an expert put forward a different opinion that we should protect the places where the fuselage was hit less, because if those places were hit by bullets, the planes would hardly have a chance to return, And the data of the places with less bullets are often ignored. It turns out that the experts are right.
It is not difficult for us to see that most people simply think that where the enemy strikes us, we should defend. This is obviously a lack of rational analysis. We simply see the surface of the problem, and forget the real purpose of the protection work - the most important part of the protection of fighters. See the essence through the problem. Let's analyze this problem carefully. The most important thing for a fighter that can survive and return in the artillery rain is not where it gets the most bullets, but where it can insist on returning. They are the most important part of the fighter, and they are the core of the fighter, which can ensure the normal operation and safe return of the fighter. Therefore, in the face of problems, we should see the essence through problems and clarify the purpose, so as to correctly look at problems and solve problems.
In the study of history, it is necessary for historians to see the essence through questions. In the book "new treatise on modernization", it is pointed out that the greatest ideological shock to the Qing government during the two Opium Wars was the recognition of the "strong ship and powerful artillery" of western countries, and the new experience of suppressing the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolution with the help of foreign guns and guns and foreign soldiers provided practical experience for Chinese officials and gentry, which led to the ideological change of "ruling the barbarians by business" to "ruling the barbarians by learning from the barbarians and improving their skills". However, the Qing government and bureaucrats only saw the advanced science and technology of western countries and wanted to transform China with "Chinese style and Western style", but they did not see the deeper root cause - the decadent feudalism could not resist the emerging capitalism. It was the decadence of feudal rulers that led to the decline of China.
In the process of scientific development, the idea of seeing essence through problems can be more expressed among mathematicians《 Imitation game tells that during World War II, the Allied forces suffered from the failure of the German secret system "Ingmar" to decipher. The government called a group of folk mathematicians and logicians to decipher the secret. They were just calculating. In order to decipher the password that was updated day by day, even people with super computing power could not match the progress of data update, But Alan Turing saw the essence of the problem by calculating and cracking the code, and invented a computer to crack the code, which helped the Allies win the Second World War.
So in the face of problems, we should grasp the key points, clear the purpose, through the appearance of the problem to find the real essence, in order to correctly look at the problem and solve the problem.
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